Quality Management Solutions for Long-Term Care Providers

Every business talks about quality. But as professionals in the long-term care industry, quality means something more to us here at Alternative Solutions Group. It's about helping you overcome the day-to-day management challenges that take up so much of your time and resources. It's about showing you how you can improve efficiency and streamline business operations within your LTC facilities. And it's about dedicating ourselves to excellence so that you can deliver care to the people who matter most - your residents. Read more...

What Can ASG Do for You?

Our long-term care management solutions will help you to:
  •   Collect those "uncollectible" dollars-
      so you can improve your bottom line.
  •   Eliminate common management
      headaches - so you can concentrate
      on core competencies.
  •   Reduce internal operating costs - so
      you can put your resources to work
      helping residents.

What is the ASG Advantage? Ask a customer...

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Schedule A FREE Assessment

During our free efficiency assessment, we will meet with you to discuss:
  •   Medical billing & collections
  •   Payroll & benefits administration
  •   Reimbursement costs & report
  •   IT systems & support

Once we understand your facility's unique needs, ASG can then propose the most effective management solutions.

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